Greatest hits metaphors, imagery, and other assorted rhetoric from last night's City Commission meeting where a Gender Identity protection ordinance was debated (and approved 4-1):

- Trans people are like people who think they're Napoleon Bonaparte and/or Abraham Lincoln dress in period costume
- Trans people violate the laws of physics
- A doctored photo of Barack Obama in drag, presented with (paraphrased ATM): "Would anyone have voted for this man if he was dressed like this? No. Would anyone hire this man?"
- Sociologists in China and India have proven that the reason America is so successful is Christianity, so they're thinking "they need to get some of it."
- Trans people aren't "relateable"
- Trans people will compulsively molest young children
- Religion is not a choice
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I can't decide if no. 1 or no. 2 is the winner in sheer troll logic.
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You can tell both the position and the speed of trans folk.
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Soooooooo. He delivered coffee to the people actually working on the LHC?
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He... why would you...

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That sounds fascinating, let me know if you do.
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(How did you even SURVIVE that? Whiskey?)
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It has long been an ambition of mine to violate the laws of physics. I sadly suspect that the second argument will not be enlightening or useful to me, however.

Cis people become so reactive and inane when responding to trans people. It is amazing to me that so many of these people demand extensive logic and justification to believe that being "trans" is real, but their own arguments fail every possible test under the same requirements.

I can't make sense of the sociologists in China and India reference.

I do hate the "Trans people are like schizophrenic people who think they're someone else" logic. If this were remotely true, if being trans were a delusional psychosis, it could be treated. I also tend to think it misrepresents schizophrenic people pretty badly.

The "relateable" one reminds me of how recently I've been neck deep in reading about empathy and autism, and all this stuff that says people like me can't empathize with others - and comparing that to the things cis people say about trans people and wonder why that kind of "lack of empathy", the inability to imagine one's cis self in a trans person's shoes, is considered natural and normal.

I am really glad to hear this was approved.
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...Oh dear Valar in Valinor, that is actually physically painful to read. x_x
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Would anyone hire this man?

That couldn't be why the ordinance is needed, surely.


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