Upon arriving at a toku panel which I am neither running nor involved in at a con where I am just a random attendee, I am asked (among others) up to the front to serve as a sentai "expert" on the strength of my Zanki tattoo.

With only Youtube, I end up doing a complete, interesting hour-long panel for which there were compliments afterwards.

I may in fact be better at this than I thought.

(Also, $6 soon-to-be-framed Utena poster? Fuck yes.)
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( Oct. 8th, 2009 12:25 am)
One of the things I love about my stress management tactics my ability to continuously create absolutely asinine projects that will please only me in utterly pointless ways. In example, stress means lots of making myself 9 p.m. cocktails and thinking thoughts like, "Hmm, Amp and Everclear. The hangover would be beautiful. And vomitous."

(I will be trying this Lethal Electroshock Injection Friday night, because I am really curious.)

But really, I just want to babble about Anime Weekend Atlanta. )


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