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( Feb. 22nd, 2010 05:48 pm)
You know what I love?

Breaking down and bawling like a small child in front of my Chinese professor over unbelievably stupid shit.
In past news: Major American media conglomerates (Disney, Fox) have begun entering foreign markets where they have less of a foothold and fund/make localized products with native companies, instead/alongside of the traditional "pump and dump"-ing of American media products. See the Japanese version of Sideways, Fox opening a Korean branch, Disney making animated films based on local Chinese/Russian fables.

And now, a Chinese version of High School Musical. Zhang Jun Ning is starring, alongside some of the guys from BOBO, apparently.

If nothing else, this'll certainly be...interesting.

Other stuff:

- Neat DanweiTV report interviewing organizers of the Beijing Queer Film Festival.
- I am going to regret starting The Prisoner, aren't I? I know what TV show I'm going to obsessively watch and finish at work during the wee hours of the morning!
- Top 10 Bad Messages From Good Movies. I especially love 2 and 3.
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( Aug. 17th, 2009 05:01 pm)
So, it was brought to my attention that Tony Bedard has seen my post on the Great Ten and responded.

(If it wasn't clear: I am a white American, born and raised in the US.)

Rebuttal. )
Without meaning to, this post basically became a long-form essay on Western cultural appropriation of Eastern Asia sphere cultures in American comics, the nature of costumed superheroes as a media commodity, and why exactly I hate the Great Ten and what they represent.

'It’s like English-Chinese food, take away the spices and add sweet-sour flavour.' )


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