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( Jun. 27th, 2011 02:20 pm)
Things That Are Horrifying Me Today: Clarence Thomas's dissent in Brown v. EMA. Scalia writes a very good majority opinion--when Scalia's on your side, he's great (it's just that he's never on my side*)--but the real "standout" is Thomas's valiant defense of Puritan Family Values:

"The historical evidence shows that the founding generation believed parents had absolute authority over their minor children and expected parents to use that authority to direct the proper development of their chil-dren. It would be absurd to suggest that such a society understood “the freedom of speech” to include a right to speak to minors (or a corresponding right of minors toaccess speech) without going through the minors’ parents. The founding generation would not have considered it an abridgment of “the freedom of speech” to support parental authority by restricting speech that bypasses minors’ parents."

Justice Clarence Thomas: Reverse Time Traveler!

*In this case, see the opening bit of Scalia's rebuttal of Thomas: "He cites no case, state or federal, supporting this view, and to our knowledge there is none. Most of his dissent is devoted to the proposition that parents have traditionally had the power to control what their children hear and say."

Shorter Scalia: Dude, that's bullshit and you know it.

In this installment, Rick Barber begins to hallucinate even more dead historical figures to use as props in his ever-lengthening campaign to equate taxes and government programs with historical atrocities of increasing magnitude. Sure, he's already slipped in both slavery and the Holocaust, itself a pretty good twofer, but I'm sure he can manage a "financial regulation is to Americans as the Trail of Tears was to Native Americans" in there somewhere.

Also, guest starting Dale Peterson and his shotgun of Commie-killing, Republican-approved doom.

And in case you missed it, Last Week's Exciting Episode: Rick Barber fails his high school history exam!
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( Jun. 21st, 2010 02:56 pm)
So, I'm alive. Kinda. I'm in slow-boil mode, trying not to (and of course failing) freak out about moving and grad school. The apartment is getting packed up around me, but it's just...hard.

I had hoped to get caught up on W and finish Shinkenger, but I've pretty much put off toku apparent reason. Instead, I've mostly been reading a lot of essay collections (Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, Me of Little Faith, A Small Place), memoir (The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy, What Would Barbra Do?), and journalistic nonfiction (Pitch Perfect, Rapture Ready, Shaken and Stirred), hanging out with folks before I move, and playing way too many Bioware Games. Huge timesinks that they are, I've marathoned Mass Effect 1/2 and am still fiddling around with my third Dragon Age character. I'm probably going to have Assassin's Creed II finished before I move, if only because it feeds my perfectionist leanings.

Political Nerdery )

Links I like:
- In Which I Crash a Tea Party
- The Ultimate Box Set, sadly illegal to sell in Alabama
- Teaching science in facepaint for awesome
- For the Uninformed: Why I will Never Buy an Apple Product
- "Everybody Loves a Lesbian" is good enough that I actually want to see at least an episode of BBC3's "Mongrels"
- King Cockfight - Covering Alabama politics at its finest
Propose YOUR ideas for the Republican platform using the power of the tubes. (Some declogging charges may apply, as "a very high volume of Americans...speaking out right now" can make the site unavailable.)

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) "personally traveled to Washington state and discovered a Microsoft program that helped NASA map the moon."

Moon software - always a good sign! However, given how often their site is going down, I;m not ecne sure Martian software could save all these valuable American ideas.

I gotta say, I'm totally down with the idea of testing teenagers for gayness and pedophilia with porn, and then sending the "pedos" to camps where "where all pedos are rounded up and contained for life."

Also, the oil slick is totally giving us super-dolphins! Thanks, BP!
The hell is up with conservatives flipping their shit that Gabourey Sidibe is on People's "Most Beautiful People" list? I feel like I need a combined fatphobic/racist bingo card just to make it through their posts.

FYI: Both links go to Sadly, No!, not the actual blogs. As with all S,N! posts, enter the comments section at your own risk. One of them does have an interesting discussion on Zoe Salanda and the context of her first major two roles(esp. Avatar, where she is the Colored Native opposite The Honkey That We Needed) - which then devolves into Star Trek nerdery. However, it's pretty far down.
If anyone can get me this for Christmas, I will love you for. fucking. ever.

If inaccessible, Joe the Plumber's memoir will do as a (unworthy) substitute.
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( Oct. 9th, 2009 06:47 am)
It says far too much about me that I am working very hard to restrain myself from twirling on my stool and sealclapping at work while reading an exchange on whether or not Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize indicates the End Times are upon us.

Bonus points for citing Left Behind as a credible source!
Without meaning to, this post basically became a long-form essay on Western cultural appropriation of Eastern Asia sphere cultures in American comics, the nature of costumed superheroes as a media commodity, and why exactly I hate the Great Ten and what they represent.

'It’s like English-Chinese food, take away the spices and add sweet-sour flavour.' )
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( Jun. 23rd, 2009 09:20 pm)
The Necronomicon: Now with companion volume.

States besides Alabama make me want to strangle state representatives: MO Rep Cynthia Davis to low-income children on free meals: "Hunger can be a positive motivator. What is wrong with the idea of getting a job so you can get better meals? Tip: If you work for McDonald’s, they will feed you for free during your break."

Thank goodness I voted against this asshole, though my parents probably voted for her (She represents my parents' White Flight St. Louis suburb.)

Words I could do without seeing in print: "BAMAzing" and "un-BAMA-lievable!"
For some reason, I have been buying all of my books from the Dollar Tree lately, as a large chunk of their stock caters to my interests. These books have also been rather good overall.

I sense this says questionable things about my taste.


Having been stuck around politicians all of yesterday (see large digression), I have determined the differences between local, state, and national politicians.

Large Digression: Working my way through listening to every. single. gubernatorial. candidate, followed by a fucking two hour city council meeting with a half-hour of lawyer maneuvering bullshit that moved her case nowhere yet she would not shut the fuck up. Not even Councilman 3’s unnatural Blazing Carrotman Tan* could distract me anymore. When I tried to vent my frustrations in my notebook, I ended up with OHMYFUCKI*scribbescribblenolongercapableofwritingcoherently*.

Deep, astute thoughts. )

At least the lady who thinks demonic forces have possessed the city council appeared to not be in attendance.

*You ought to see his tan on public access TV! In fact, you should watch his public access TV show! His audience might plateau at 10 people as long as none of his relatives croak! He can't stop talking with exclamation points! Whenever he's in his natural state of fake!pleased, all of his sentences are punctuated with happy exclamation points! Except when he's angry, where in all of his sentences are punctuated with incredulous exclamation points!
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( May. 26th, 2009 07:16 am)
At [profile] brown_betty's request, Spittake Warning.

It's great to know that the real reasons gay marriage make no sense boil down to four simple obligations inherent to opposite marriage:

- Opposite marriage is really all about "the protection of females from rape, degradation, and concubinage." Furthermore, "protecting and controlling the sexuality of the child-bearing sex" is the "only true reason" for the existence of opposite marriage.
- Opposite marriage protects a society from incest and miscegenation.
- Opposite marriage ensures that "licit" sex between a couple is valued, "without social disapproval of unmarried sex--what kind of madman would seek marriage?"
- Opposite marriage "defines the end of childhood, sets a boundary between generations within the same family and between families, and establishes the rules in any given society for crossing those boundaries."

For you see, straight men suffer under this system. Suffer!
Can gay men and women be as generous as we straight men are? Will you consider us as men who love, just as you do, and not merely as homophobes or Baptists? Every day thousands of ordinary heterosexual men surrender the dream of gratifying our immediate erotic desires. Instead, heroically, resignedly, we march up the aisle with our new brides, starting out upon what that cad poet Shelley called the longest journey, attired in the chains of the kinship system--a system from which you have been spared. Imitate our self-surrender. If gay men and women could see the price that humanity--particularly the women and children among us--will pay, simply in order that a gay person can say of someone she already loves with perfect competence, "Hey, meet the missus!"--no doubt they will think again. If not, we're about to see how well humanity will do without something as basic to our existence as gravity.
Oh, the pain! The horror! Surely you can understand how hard it is for him to preserve his wife's virginity and prevent our society from a rash of twincest.

(Possibly the best bit of all this is the ad running across the bottom: Palm Springs, it appears, welcomes gay couples.

Oh GoogleAds, you are a wonderful font of ironic juxtapositions.)
So, on LJ this post went under the SFRA Paper filter. However, because I am having a moment of supreme vanity and really like this post that much, I'm going to post it to DW unfiltered, though cut so as not traumatize f-lists (or people who don't particularly like theorizing). As I said there, there will be two posts based on thoughts which resulted from reading my reading Samuel "Chip" Delany's essay "Politics of Paraliterary Criticism" for my SFRA paper: one dealing with Engineering the Future and the current politics of Science Fiction and its production (i.e. Libertarianism), and another looking at the comics industry, its ongoing struggle with fitting and creating for itself a definition, and how all of this ties into the dislike, in some fannish corners, of the existing editorial teams.

The Great Gilded Space Age. )


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