Facts Learned from The Internet: Mississippi buys more anal toys online than any other state. However, Alaska buys the most sex toys in all.

In this installment, Rick Barber begins to hallucinate even more dead historical figures to use as props in his ever-lengthening campaign to equate taxes and government programs with historical atrocities of increasing magnitude. Sure, he's already slipped in both slavery and the Holocaust, itself a pretty good twofer, but I'm sure he can manage a "financial regulation is to Americans as the Trail of Tears was to Native Americans" in there somewhere.

Also, guest starting Dale Peterson and his shotgun of Commie-killing, Republican-approved doom.

And in case you missed it, Last Week's Exciting Episode: Rick Barber fails his high school history exam!
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( Dec. 8th, 2009 12:10 pm)
$20,000 Fact: Learning at the University of Alabama - That thing you do in-between post-tailgating hangovers.

They've canceled the first week of classes to because of "the number of students who have to be in Pasadena, Calif., to represent The University of Alabama on Jan. 7 and the number of faculty, staff and students who want to be there."

...the level of weasel words bullshit here has me barely controlling my sneering upper lip. The vast majority of students probably can't *afford* to attend the game in Pasadena, but of course we have to accommodate the few who can. Oh, and the football team, of course.

This stuff? Is the exact reason I despise college football. I don't begrudge anyone liking it, but I happen to have attended college because of that "books 'n' learnin'" part of the degree, not the cheap student football tickets.

At least we graduate our African-American football players, unlike Texas.
This attitude of brazenly encouraging learned technological helplessness is exactly why I do not and never will trust Apple. They may make an aesthetic product, but if I can't open said pretty box up without fucking myself over for all eternity, then I don't want it.

Other bits from catching up on my NYT/NPR/etc. backlog:
- Marry me, Gail Collins? I clean up after myself and I make a mean curry!
- Review of Sarah Palin's book, "Going Rogue". I can only hope someone does a reading to equal those of Joe the Plumber's and Carrie Prejean's "biographies."
- Fun collection of Ramen-related memories.
- Famous authors read the funnies, via Roger Ebert. Garfield via James Joyce has a surreal quality, being so awkwardly true to its source material.

EONUS: A surreal moment, courtesy of Mississippi's gambling interests. Sorry, casinos, but the only thing I really want to know about Troy King is if he's really yet another conservative republican homophobe hypocrite.
Oh, Larry Langford.

Never leave us, for what other city mayor will bankrupt the city, hold a city-funded sackcloth-and-ashes "pray away the crime" rally, use the annual, never-had-problems Pride parade as a chance to buff his morality defender cred, get himself arrested, and give out unicorns?

Not some boring normal mayor, I'll tell you what!
One of the great advantages to living surrounded by people with more money than you is that their garbage tends to be full of perfectly working items. So far I have acquired one fabulous office chair, one ironing board, one stand-up fan for the paper office, two nice chairs that just needed a little hammering, and one working minifridge to be sold to the highest bidding freshman.

However, our garbage also comes with many feral stray cats about which nothing can be done (people have tried many times). And today there was a Fail-y WTF addition:

Kinda-sorta warning for self-harm? )

And to end on a good note: Ingenious if stereotypically Southern fail, found in a junkyard outside Anniston, Ala.


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