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( Dec. 10th, 2009 12:18 pm)
Depressing Fact: a large chunk of film criticism on trans men in film focuses on Boys Don't Cry. More Depressing Fact: I'm not sure which is worse for my mood, the film or the criticism.

Having finally read the ending of American Virgin for this paper, I am...not sure how I feel about it. It's definitely rushed, for one thing. I still like Mel, but I like Seagle a lot less for playing Mel's transness as a joke after the boob reveal. And a virgin birth? Really?

But there is now a file entitled AmerVirginBoob.doc on my laptop. Clearly, I need to ensure that all of my research papers look like covert porn.

Going to a party tonight, the same day I had The Pronoun Conversation with folks. This is either going to be deeply scarring or pleasantly surprising.
It is to [ profile] megthelegend I owe the great honor of inspiring this post on the deep and thorny issue of the "name smush."

What is, really, in a name? )
So, on LJ this post went under the SFRA Paper filter. However, because I am having a moment of supreme vanity and really like this post that much, I'm going to post it to DW unfiltered, though cut so as not traumatize f-lists (or people who don't particularly like theorizing). As I said there, there will be two posts based on thoughts which resulted from reading my reading Samuel "Chip" Delany's essay "Politics of Paraliterary Criticism" for my SFRA paper: one dealing with Engineering the Future and the current politics of Science Fiction and its production (i.e. Libertarianism), and another looking at the comics industry, its ongoing struggle with fitting and creating for itself a definition, and how all of this ties into the dislike, in some fannish corners, of the existing editorial teams.

The Great Gilded Space Age. )


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