[personal profile] arionhunter: There are days when I just want to throw my hands in the air and ask, "Are you ALL monkeys with typewriters?"
[livejournal.com profile] re_silvera: answer: yes. next question
tell us context
[personal profile] arionhunter: The same as always, so it's yes
[personal profile] arionhunter: I cannot wait until I can grade people
[livejournal.com profile] re_silvera: a maniacal grin on your face
[personal profile] arionhunter: Oh god yes
[livejournal.com profile] re_silvera: cackling into the night in a small, slightly damp office
[personal profile] arionhunter: ...yes, probably.
[livejournal.com profile] re_silvera: your classes reflecting in the lightlessness
omg avery you're the Big Bad
[personal profile] arionhunter: Of my dark soul?
If I were, I clearly do no get paid enough for this
[livejournal.com profile] re_silvera: I think big bads have to procure their own source of revenue
you know
good hours, but you gotta work em
[personal profile] arionhunter: Makes sense
[personal profile] arionhunter: Looks like it's time to invest in something illegal and highly profitable
[livejournal.com profile] re_silvera: freeze ray?
[personal profile] arionhunter: Or penguins. Lots of penguins.
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( Jul. 23rd, 2009 02:11 pm)
- Apparently, Local Apartment Complex is taking lessons from Evony's advertising team.

Large image warning. )

Of course, the last ad doesn't even bother having any information about the apartment complex at all.

- New Ping Your Spaceman post on Tampax's problematic "man with a vagina" ad campaign.

- I keep finding and purchasing Avatar: The Last Airbender DVDs on $3 clearance, all the while still having a huge existing show backlog already. And this is not counting the fact Avatar is a gamble for me, because I wasn't won over by the first few bits I saw, though it tried very, very hard.

I shall commit myself to getting at least half of S&A's last season done tonight if I can stave the guilt off long enough.
For some reason, I have been buying all of my books from the Dollar Tree lately, as a large chunk of their stock caters to my interests. These books have also been rather good overall.

I sense this says questionable things about my taste.


Having been stuck around politicians all of yesterday (see large digression), I have determined the differences between local, state, and national politicians.

Large Digression: Working my way through listening to every. single. gubernatorial. candidate, followed by a fucking two hour city council meeting with a half-hour of lawyer maneuvering bullshit that moved her case nowhere yet she would not shut the fuck up. Not even Councilman 3’s unnatural Blazing Carrotman Tan* could distract me anymore. When I tried to vent my frustrations in my notebook, I ended up with OHMYFUCKI*scribbescribblenolongercapableofwritingcoherently*.

Deep, astute thoughts. )

At least the lady who thinks demonic forces have possessed the city council appeared to not be in attendance.

*You ought to see his tan on public access TV! In fact, you should watch his public access TV show! His audience might plateau at 10 people as long as none of his relatives croak! He can't stop talking with exclamation points! Whenever he's in his natural state of fake!pleased, all of his sentences are punctuated with happy exclamation points! Except when he's angry, where in all of his sentences are punctuated with incredulous exclamation points!
Things I do not like -
- Having to practically re-write a reporter's story from its unpublishable state
- Extreme spikes in psychosomatic pain
- The fact Alabama's budgetary system is hilariously illogical
- The Alabama grocery tax, which is rivaled only by Mississippi's in suckitude
- Being stuck in hentai rooms when the moderator likes hentai and feels the need to tell you about the time he had to leave a hentai room with a boner

Things I like -
- That the reporter whose story I re-wrote really appreciated my taking the effort to go through with her what was wrong with her story, something her previous editor never bothered to do with her (and it really showed). Yay for brownie points and fuzzy feelings.
- The side effect of purchasing my groceries from a store deep in Northport, where people do not eat fancy organic/foreign things. Which means aforementioned things are frequently on clearance, turning a $43 purchase into a $15 purchase.
- My fridge being filled with at least four different kinds of beer (this may be related to the previous point).
- Flaming Southern Comfort shots

I have discovered the one advantage to being on staff at an anime con: you legitimately and and do yell and at the teenagers who think screaming in a small hall is a great idea, so loud you cannot successfully continue to moderate your own panel. You are also then listened to.

Yet being on staff does nothing about the ten-year-olds who are dragged to your History of Anime panel and complain their way through the 1930s, 40s, and 50s about how they "don't understand it," want to know when they'll "see something they know," and let you know your topic is boring. However, this does have the positive side effect of forcing their father to leave the panel in embarrassment a decade before you get to the first hentai, which you didn't feel like explaining to them anyway.

Because I realize as I add people I do not actually have any kind of post which talks about me-as-person, as opposed to the various other things I talk about far too much, I am hijacking the Ten Things To Know About Me meme.

Bonus Thing to Know: I always write as if I wish I were Davis Sedaris, only gayer. )


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