One of the things you should know is that I have already made myself a "Bang Your Head On The Bedpost" and I'm pretty sure it's just going to go downhill from there. I have just finished Massive Paper #1 of finals week, and I have enough time left that I can celebrate by getting kind of tanked.

Also, my threshold for handling 30 minutes of the TLA movie looks to be about 4 months.

(As per the icon, please note that orgies are frowned upon.)

The Adventure Continues! Kind of. )

Part I.
Naochika Morishita's new artbook, Hagane Bito, is out, and it is glorious. Nothing but beautiful, high-detail mecha and toku art.

HQ Gundam images can be found here and here, with most of the toku images (most easily recognizable from the CardAss series) from scaned pages on Flickr.

Yes, I might be having a nerdgasm.

(Also, I have a date! For my letter! Finally!)
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( Aug. 23rd, 2010 07:22 pm)
Thoughts as they occur to me )

And it's at about this point where [personal profile] brownbetty and I started talking about why exactly the action in TLA fails, so chatlog break!

Includes basic visual theory, references sitcoms, comics, and why the Bayformers movies suck as action movies. )

And then I started the movie again, because I was committed to finishing this fucker.

Aaaauuugh. )

And now, because it is almost midnight here, I head to bed. I shall continue Wednesday night, where I hope to at least make it an hour in before taking a paring knife to the nearest fleshy object.
So, in the process of Te's post on why no amount of shiny whiz-bang CGI can hide that big nasty white appropriation/racism shitstain on the screen (CODA: I am now totally using Moff's Law in the future as a response to "“Why can’t you just watch the movie for what it is?"), there was a nice little discussion on the racism/religious privilege of romance novels, including this awesome comment from [ profile] buggery.

Out of curiosity, I also checked out the descriptions for Ravenous Romance's other '12 Days of Christmas' short stories )

Poll #1966 A Question You Will Likely Never Be Asked Again
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( Nov. 22nd, 2009 09:18 am)
Fo(u)nd memories from my childhood I actually look forward to renewing: Are You Being Served? I should sleep, but the first season on Youtube calls out to me.

In related amusing BBC show things: On home game weekends the Uni places port-a-potties all over campus. As I was walking across a parking lot one night, I notice a caged blue light on a blue potty's roof and immediately think, "What on earth is a Tardis doing in the parking lot?"

The effect may have been ruined by the fact the port-a-potty also has "SPANKY'S" emblazoned across the side.

And by the grace of Google Image Search, I bring you the Tardis, as imagined by the Velvet Elvis Painting of Photoshop, with bonus collage.
If anyone can get me this for Christmas, I will love you for. fucking. ever.

If inaccessible, Joe the Plumber's memoir will do as a (unworthy) substitute.
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( Sep. 9th, 2009 08:30 pm)
Me: *sprinkles Cat with Catnip, then sprinkles some of it on the floor in front of Cat*
Cat: OMG, this tastes like Christmas! OMG OMG I TASTE LIKE CHRISTMAS!


Me: *having gotten Cat high, places empty box in front of her, then goes to sleep*
Living Room: *sounds of Cat In A Box*
Me: *gets out of bed, peeks into room*
Cat: *stares innocently*
Me: *goes back to sleep*
Living Room: *more sounds of Cat In A Box*
Me: *sneaks out of bed, sees Cat In A Box flopping about adorably like a fish out of water, gets camera*
Cat: *sees Me, stares innocently*
Me: *waits for flopping to resume. Hides in kitchen*
Cat: *not in box*
Me: *gives up, goes to bathroom to go to bed*
Me: *leaves bathroom*
Cat: *In A Box*
Me: *sighs, goes to bed*

And this is one of the great advantages of living alone - no one can say anything when you are hiding naked in your kitchen with a camera, waiting for your cat to pull a Youtube.


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