The hell is up with conservatives flipping their shit that Gabourey Sidibe is on People's "Most Beautiful People" list? I feel like I need a combined fatphobic/racist bingo card just to make it through their posts.

FYI: Both links go to Sadly, No!, not the actual blogs. As with all S,N! posts, enter the comments section at your own risk. One of them does have an interesting discussion on Zoe Salanda and the context of her first major two roles(esp. Avatar, where she is the Colored Native opposite The Honkey That We Needed) - which then devolves into Star Trek nerdery. However, it's pretty far down.
For the amusement of northerners: the kind of snow that shuts down a Southern town.

Heard Neil Gaiman read Thursday. He was excellent, and totally worth putting up with the bar's poor beer selection. He said he his contract excluded signings, but this proved not to be entirely true: I and a group of friends stuck around a half-hour after the reading and found him at the side of the building, signing books. Sadly, though, he looks rather out of it in our group shot.

Annnnd....from the depths of V-Day clearance comes Twilight "Forbidden Fruits" Sweethearts. They come with a variety of creepy Twilight-trademarked phrases, but that's by no means the best part.

They sparkle. The hearts, filled with minuscule sugar crystals, sparkle. Cat was unimpressed.

(That's okay, because she was being adorable earlier.)
So, in the process of Te's post on why no amount of shiny whiz-bang CGI can hide that big nasty white appropriation/racism shitstain on the screen (CODA: I am now totally using Moff's Law in the future as a response to "“Why can’t you just watch the movie for what it is?"), there was a nice little discussion on the racism/religious privilege of romance novels, including this awesome comment from [ profile] buggery.

Out of curiosity, I also checked out the descriptions for Ravenous Romance's other '12 Days of Christmas' short stories )

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