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( Aug. 23rd, 2010 07:22 pm)
Thoughts as they occur to me )

And it's at about this point where [personal profile] brownbetty and I started talking about why exactly the action in TLA fails, so chatlog break!

Includes basic visual theory, references sitcoms, comics, and why the Bayformers movies suck as action movies. )

And then I started the movie again, because I was committed to finishing this fucker.

Aaaauuugh. )

And now, because it is almost midnight here, I head to bed. I shall continue Wednesday night, where I hope to at least make it an hour in before taking a paring knife to the nearest fleshy object.
So, in the process of Te's post on why no amount of shiny whiz-bang CGI can hide that big nasty white appropriation/racism shitstain on the screen (CODA: I am now totally using Moff's Law in the future as a response to "“Why can’t you just watch the movie for what it is?"), there was a nice little discussion on the racism/religious privilege of romance novels, including this awesome comment from [ profile] buggery.

Out of curiosity, I also checked out the descriptions for Ravenous Romance's other '12 Days of Christmas' short stories )

Poll #1966 A Question You Will Likely Never Be Asked Again
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Is $0.99 worth the possibility of fowl fucking?

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I wouldn't, but it's not my brain you're irreparably scarring.
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( Dec. 13th, 2009 02:19 pm)
Because today has been long and tiring and "goddammit, people," have some adorable Cat stories.

Apparently, Cat felt the need to help. )
I feel the universe should know that I have Opinions on Bibleman, and this scares me. Given that I *avoided* my Statement of Purpose just so I could watch Bibleman, this is doubly worrying.

Background to explain this chat: Due to inadvertent if hilarious mental scarring that is All My Fault, I agreed from the kindness of my heart (and because I am a sap) to bake [personal profile] katarik a cake. However, with me a gift is not just a gift. It is a joke waiting to happen.

So this thread may have been...inspiring. She can just be thankful at the time I didn't think to look for Kiss Play fanart.

i am actually more concerned that you would buy me toys and arrange them in obscene positions. )

Story of my life right here. on Twitpic
[personal profile] arionhunter: Oh god, I think I've found the equivalent of Femslash MPreg
"When two females are in middle of sexual intercourse, if two eggs collide and complete each other, they become a healthy Fetus"
The eggs collide, like atoms in a Hadron collider!
If only we knew high-level astrophysics was really all about a way of making babies without sperm!
[personal profile] arionhunter: Did I horrify you into silence?
[personal profile] eisen: n, I was just responding to a comment on my DW about toradora.
[personal profile] arionhunter: Aww, I wanted to horrify you into silence!
[personal profile] arionhunter: *is still in love with the mental image of a fetus Hadron collider*
[personal profile] eisen: ... it's, uh. An image, yeah.
[personal profile] arionhunter: Don't you love knowing me?
[personal profile] katarik: ...
[personal profile] arionhunter: Those crazy kids and their colliding eggs
[personal profile] katarik: you are so weird.
[personal profile] arionhunter: Aww, but you love it
On occasion, knowing me is a useful skill when it nets you things you want, like good!fic or good beer (Abita Harvest Lager with Strawberries is fucking fantastic).

Today's fannish target - The Pretender )
I do not promise coherency. This is maybe four posts, compiled into one big "I need to sleep but I need to post" post. I promise post-finals I will scan in Mr. T and the T Force!

[personal profile] arionhunter: *just bought a book on the making of camp* I cannot wait for finals to be over
[personal profile] dingsi: *hug* stressful?
[personal profile] arionhunter: Yeah, and irritating because I have books! And I want to read them now.
[personal profile] dingsi: i know that feeling. it's like getting chocolate for easter and being expected to NOT eat it right away
[personal profile] arionhunter: Exactly!
I have a book on rhetoric and argumentation that takes on street preachers!
I know that's not sexy to everyone, but I'd hit it with a ten-foot pole.
[personal profile] dingsi: hah! I can see why


Things comics have given us that are questionable - the series "Lynch Mob." (man in the middle with the glowy fist is Lynch). The main character may or may not be a man of color whose codename is "Lynch." I do not have the time to take scans, but in the first issue Lynch's skintone considerably is darker than the white people he stands next to. The writer never clarifies Lynch's ethnicity, as they're all too busy fighting a hot anthropomorphized female computer AI in a bikini.

Then again, this imprint also gave comics "Smiley the Psychotic Button," whose first issue ends with Smiley realizing he, as a button, has no penis so he can't have dream-sex with Lady Death.


My first cat macro starring Cat.


Summer reading list, mainly for personal reference. )


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