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( Jun. 16th, 2009 08:49 pm)
So, SFRA. It was my intention afterwards to make an extensive report post, but given that as soon as I got off work post-conference I slept a total of seventeen hours (with a five hour break in the middle), I shall end up passing. Possibly in part because I'm still bothered by the fact I slept that long--sleeping for more than eight hours at a time just makes me feel like I've lost productivity.

Let me just say, in bullet points:
- Apparently, being an SF author or scholar does not exclude you from needing to get your Liberal Tolerance Cookie.
- Just because someone is a person of color and teaches at an HBCU does not mean that their panel on Race in SF is a great time to ask, as a white HBCU prof, for advice on combating homophobia in your students. Way to derail the panel, white dude.
- Wow, I have so much to read now, and no time at all in which to consume it.
- The SF Lit community is made of nice people, but decidedly old-fashioned and insular. I was clearly one of the few people who had a very strong pan-fandom focus and influence.
- However, I liked it enough that I'd like to try and bring in some more pan-influenceness.
- I am permanently stuck thinking in activist-mode. This shows when I least expect it.
- I still worry too much.
- I feel very bad for the grad student who tried to discuss Buddhism and utopia with me. I was worn out terribly for most of the conference, so my coherency level on serious topics was abysmally low by the end after I presented.

There are other things which I wish I had the brain to talk about, but instead I am going to go make myself a mayo and tomato on white bread sandwich (alternately known as the easiest way to get [personal profile] katarik to forswear friendship) and listen to On The Media.
W1ll $h3tt3rly tries to make himself look like less of an asshole. (A small section of) the Internet points and mocks. $h3tt3rly again casts himself as the great savior of discussions of race, martyring himself for the cause of bringing up class.

And this argument is possibly so very illogical I need to money-quote it just for posterity.
As for racial differences - well, it's hard to tell the colour of somone's skin under the tan/grime of living rough.
As for racial differences - well, it's hard to tell the colour of somone's skin under the tan/grime of living rough.

So, on LJ this post went under the SFRA Paper filter. However, because I am having a moment of supreme vanity and really like this post that much, I'm going to post it to DW unfiltered, though cut so as not traumatize f-lists (or people who don't particularly like theorizing). As I said there, there will be two posts based on thoughts which resulted from reading my reading Samuel "Chip" Delany's essay "Politics of Paraliterary Criticism" for my SFRA paper: one dealing with Engineering the Future and the current politics of Science Fiction and its production (i.e. Libertarianism), and another looking at the comics industry, its ongoing struggle with fitting and creating for itself a definition, and how all of this ties into the dislike, in some fannish corners, of the existing editorial teams.

The Great Gilded Space Age. )


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