I was not, as a kid, a shaped-noodle aficionado. I did love box mac-n-cheese, though, and I was not persuaded by alternatives such as macaroni noodles with actual cheese or, even worse, Velveeta mac. Having been raised by people who believed Velveeta a food product as opposed to reconstituted crayon shavings, my parents once decided they wanted to relive their childhoods and make Velveeta Mac. The experiment was not repeated.

I was (and am), however, a sucker for ridiculous branded items. Which is why I bought a box of this:

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(RE: Last post, thank you everyone who responded. I didn't get back to them mostly because I didn't feel up to revisiting it, but. Thank you still.)
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( Nov. 5th, 2011 01:45 pm)
Q-Pop, a gallery in Little Tokyo, is running a Kamen Rider vs Super Sentai show, and the art looks fantastic.

Some of the pieces are up for sale here: I'm this close to buying the Big One print.
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( Jan. 7th, 2011 09:58 pm)
- I now have a sizable 60 Bookmooch points, most of which I don't expect to use anytime soon. Thus, if anyone is after a book and wants me to look for it/add it to my wishlist, let me know. If it comes up, I'll e-mail you for a mailing address to have it sent to. If you're not in the continental US, I'll have it shipped here before sending it out.

- I have not yet decided if I can love Arrested Development yet, but it's trying very hard to win me over. I'll keep with it through Season 2 because I really enjoy me some Portia Degeneres, but I'm not sold on Will Arnett yet.

- Finished both Monster, 1959 and Weight: The Myth of Atlas and Heracles this week. I'm not entirely sold on Monster, for though Maine knows his kaiji, his attempts to expand the metaphor (Humans are the real monsters) fell quite flat. His tone grows increasingly strident through the and the final "twist" bludgeons the reader so hard it could make them to launch the book across the room.

Weight balances its metaphor much better--it is Jeanette Winterson, after all. But there's still a bit of Monster's sermonizing laying about, the indirect lessons of the Atlas myth write so large as to be blinding. Winterson's language, though, is such a delight the reader can endure a few more blows for it alone.

- [livejournal.com profile] re_silvera and I are finally relaunching Queers With Beers! The first attempt putzed out due to lack of time, but we're giving it a second try. The full, one-hour show will be released monthly; the shorter “QWB: Happy Hour Edition,” wherein I explain the history behind and mix various different nerdy cocktails, will be on a bimonthly schedule (as time allows). (Also, I'm not going to edit episodes after this one, which should do wonders for getting stuff out on time.)

It's a basic “queer nerds + booze” format, half queer stuff, half nerdery. The nerd topic of the month is, unsurprisingly, a mutual love of ours: Kamen Rider Hibiki.
Naochika Morishita's new artbook, Hagane Bito, is out, and it is glorious. Nothing but beautiful, high-detail mecha and toku art.

HQ Gundam images can be found here and here, with most of the toku images (most easily recognizable from the CardAss series) from scaned pages on Flickr.

Yes, I might be having a nerdgasm.

(Also, I have a date! For my letter! Finally!)
Upon arriving at a toku panel which I am neither running nor involved in at a con where I am just a random attendee, I am asked (among others) up to the front to serve as a sentai "expert" on the strength of my Zanki tattoo.

With only Youtube, I end up doing a complete, interesting hour-long panel for which there were compliments afterwards.

I may in fact be better at this than I thought.

(Also, $6 soon-to-be-framed Utena poster? Fuck yes.)
Without meaning to, this post basically became a long-form essay on Western cultural appropriation of Eastern Asia sphere cultures in American comics, the nature of costumed superheroes as a media commodity, and why exactly I hate the Great Ten and what they represent.

'It’s like English-Chinese food, take away the spices and add sweet-sour flavour.' )
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( Jul. 4th, 2009 06:05 pm)
I am listening to the V-Day This American Life on the 4th of July. This is so very appropriately me. At least I'm making a peach pie?

In boredom at work, meme taken from [personal profile] katarik: Ask me three questions pertaining to any of my fandoms, and I'll answer 'em.

Questions )

10-hour shift tonight. At least I'll get to finish Slings & Arrows and start Slayers.
It's no secret I love Saint Oniisan. What's better than Buddha and Jesus living together as poor roommates in Tokyo?

Buddha and Jesus as secret toku-style superheroes fighting against the forces of evil.

Evil being supervillains trying to forcibly join social networks.

Fuck. Yes.
"Oh fuck, I feel like I just got a movie lobotomy."

There really isn't enough beer in the world to make The Spirit a good movie. There's not enough beer in the world to make The Spirit a bad movie, either. Instead, The Spirit is a turd movie--composed of once-good things which have been so highly digested as to no longer be recognizable.

(It may then be fitting that before I was watching The Spirit I was listening to Lady Gaga, whose minuscule bit of talent has been autotuned into a coma from backbeat overdose. Then again, I'm also a queer, which means I am (according to our culture) genetically hardwired to love anything with a singable-but-insipid melody line and beat strong enough to knock out an elephant. See: disco.)

I did not actually see The Spirit to mock it, however. A while back, I read a review of The Spirit which pointed out that "[i]f there's any zone of action movie Miller's project looks toward, it's probably the Japanese tokusatsu film of the costumed hero type, very self-evidently artificial in special effects and gangly in action stylization - realism is often not the goal." Me being me, I decided it was imperative to see The Spirit and test this theory.

The author chose the remake of Cutey Honey as his example film, but I chose instead Takashi Miike's Zebraman. Though the author's point about Hideaki Anno is well-taken, Miike has a lot of Miller's same quirks with regard to violence and masculinity, without the whoreswhoreswhoreswhores.

(It's important to note that I don't think any tokusatsu film would automatically be better than The Spirit by virtue of being toku--Kamen Rider The First was by and large KR-As-Done-By Miller, up to and including the unnecessary grimness.)

If only Miller had given the Spirit a theme song... )

PS: See Zebraman if you haven't. It's a brilliant film for anyone who likes considering the many ways superheroes evolve, and it stays very true to the Ishinomori hero, who just happens to be a lot like the very early American hero archetype.

PPS: I has made [community profile] kamenrider on DW for all one's KR needs.


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