In among the various end-of-year parties I managed to inherit around $50 of food and food-ingredients from a friend who was moving out of his apartment--it' s a good mix of stuff, from pesto to cornstarch to fish sauce. Which is great, except that it's also a lot of duplicate stuff and I only need so much olive oil and white vinegar.

As such, I am looking for recipes which will use up these ingredients, or even just favorite recipes in general. All suggestions are appreciated, as long as they are vegetarian and thus do not contain animal-related items.
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( May. 3rd, 2009 01:39 am)
I have not decided if I want to double-post badfic mocking to both DW and LJ. Since the expectation is that you poor people are going to have to at the very least briefly submit your eyes to delightful phrases as, "And then, they fuck to Enya!" (said in real life with entirely serious and earnest enthusiasm), please opine.

Badfic on DW - Y/N/HAHAHAHAdon't make me kill you?


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