One of the things you should know is that I have already made myself a "Bang Your Head On The Bedpost" and I'm pretty sure it's just going to go downhill from there. I have just finished Massive Paper #1 of finals week, and I have enough time left that I can celebrate by getting kind of tanked.

Also, my threshold for handling 30 minutes of the TLA movie looks to be about 4 months.

(As per the icon, please note that orgies are frowned upon.)

The Adventure Continues! Kind of. )

Part I.
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( Aug. 23rd, 2010 07:22 pm)
Thoughts as they occur to me )

And it's at about this point where [personal profile] brownbetty and I started talking about why exactly the action in TLA fails, so chatlog break!

Includes basic visual theory, references sitcoms, comics, and why the Bayformers movies suck as action movies. )

And then I started the movie again, because I was committed to finishing this fucker.

Aaaauuugh. )

And now, because it is almost midnight here, I head to bed. I shall continue Wednesday night, where I hope to at least make it an hour in before taking a paring knife to the nearest fleshy object.
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( Aug. 6th, 2010 02:55 pm)
- Apparently there's going to be a an Indian call center comedy in the fall lineup. I can see that Fail Train a-chuggin' right into the station from miles away.
- Wonderful essay on how we collect media, hoard it, and then have to let it go.
- On Lady Cops and the Necessity of Sexiness. I have to hand it to Erin Gibson, she's getting better at this gig with each new "Modern Lady."
- There are gays in the Tea Party! A whole two of them!
- And because this is what happens when I can't move my energy into doing school-related stuff, a huge post on why Boys Don't Cry is extremely problematic.

In this installment, Rick Barber begins to hallucinate even more dead historical figures to use as props in his ever-lengthening campaign to equate taxes and government programs with historical atrocities of increasing magnitude. Sure, he's already slipped in both slavery and the Holocaust, itself a pretty good twofer, but I'm sure he can manage a "financial regulation is to Americans as the Trail of Tears was to Native Americans" in there somewhere.

Also, guest starting Dale Peterson and his shotgun of Commie-killing, Republican-approved doom.

And in case you missed it, Last Week's Exciting Episode: Rick Barber fails his high school history exam!
Having been viciously pissy for the past three days, it perked me up to see that Ravenous Romance had released a new special Day-Before- Half-Off-Candy-Day story, Love Birds. The last couple of RR short stories have been duds, but this was a story by Isabel Roman, she of the shaven pubic hair and genital insults. Surely there would be something to mine.

We start out promising. All of the female characters are stolen from bad Sex and the City fanfic, only their names are bird-themed (Lark, Cardinal, and so forth.) It's not horrifying, but just bland.

And then we hit Gettysburg and possibly the most awkward, horrifying line I've yet read in porn. )
So, in the process of Te's post on why no amount of shiny whiz-bang CGI can hide that big nasty white appropriation/racism shitstain on the screen (CODA: I am now totally using Moff's Law in the future as a response to "“Why can’t you just watch the movie for what it is?"), there was a nice little discussion on the racism/religious privilege of romance novels, including this awesome comment from [ profile] buggery.

Out of curiosity, I also checked out the descriptions for Ravenous Romance's other '12 Days of Christmas' short stories )

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( Aug. 14th, 2009 04:02 am)
This book, Searching for Whitopia: How the Whiter Half Lives, sounds absolutely fascinating. I'm curious to see if he looked at if the places he went were once (or still are) considered "sundown towns."

I'm also interested to see his argument that "the small government movement has always had racial components, beginning with white flight from central cities and public schools in the 1960's -- and a great deal of this is based on fear"--and then see if it would hold up against white Southern minds.

And in Authors Not Of the Time, SF author John C. Wright gets his crazy on, then when faced with overwhelming internet derision, declares, "Even though we are on opposite sides, I assure you that the real division in the world is not between Right and Left, not between Homophobes and Pervertarians, but between men of reason and good will, we men of the mind, and our mutual foes, the men of unreason, the men of mere emotion."

Also, anger at his opinions is is in actuality all about others' collective daddy/mommy complex, for "Those folks are all mad at their fathers or something, and wanted to say to me hateful things they never got a chance to say to the people they are really mad at."

Of all the things I'd like to say to my parents (and there's a lot), that some guy on the internet is an ass is not one of them.

UPDATE: Aaaaannnndddd he's back! Some choice quotes:
"If the incest is consensual, between adults, and sterile (so that there are no birth defects) on what ground can it be called illicit while homosexuality is called licit?"
"Those of you who argued that sex with a sterile woman is the same as homosexual acts: this is both irrelevant and false. You are conflating the sex act with mere stimulation of the sexual organs."
Sterile people don't have sex, they are...stimulated. Puppies? Dildos? Unicorn farts? I dunno!
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( Jun. 25th, 2009 02:15 pm)
Dear World:

I am sick of your privilege. Please go the fuck away so I can watch Armor Hero in peace.

Also, racism is not a magical pink unicorn that disappears when you're not looking at it.
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( Jun. 16th, 2009 08:49 pm)
So, SFRA. It was my intention afterwards to make an extensive report post, but given that as soon as I got off work post-conference I slept a total of seventeen hours (with a five hour break in the middle), I shall end up passing. Possibly in part because I'm still bothered by the fact I slept that long--sleeping for more than eight hours at a time just makes me feel like I've lost productivity.

Let me just say, in bullet points:
- Apparently, being an SF author or scholar does not exclude you from needing to get your Liberal Tolerance Cookie.
- Just because someone is a person of color and teaches at an HBCU does not mean that their panel on Race in SF is a great time to ask, as a white HBCU prof, for advice on combating homophobia in your students. Way to derail the panel, white dude.
- Wow, I have so much to read now, and no time at all in which to consume it.
- The SF Lit community is made of nice people, but decidedly old-fashioned and insular. I was clearly one of the few people who had a very strong pan-fandom focus and influence.
- However, I liked it enough that I'd like to try and bring in some more pan-influenceness.
- I am permanently stuck thinking in activist-mode. This shows when I least expect it.
- I still worry too much.
- I feel very bad for the grad student who tried to discuss Buddhism and utopia with me. I was worn out terribly for most of the conference, so my coherency level on serious topics was abysmally low by the end after I presented.

There are other things which I wish I had the brain to talk about, but instead I am going to go make myself a mayo and tomato on white bread sandwich (alternately known as the easiest way to get [personal profile] katarik to forswear friendship) and listen to On The Media.
I cans has icons, Chiaki mood theme, and journal header!

01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.

02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper.

03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this. The point is to see what you had on.

Yes, I may have chosen this for the pink tuxedo shirt. )
It is one of my Buddhist things to enjoy the many ways in which Oblivious White Americans decide it is a-okay to reappropriate Buddhism.

However, my enjoyment ends when they decide to pair it with racist caricature.

(Also, it should be noted that the NR's comparison rather hilariously displays a total ignorance of actual Buddhist teaching - arbitration, especially the judicial variety, is inherently not-Buddhist.)
W1ll $h3tt3rly tries to make himself look like less of an asshole. (A small section of) the Internet points and mocks. $h3tt3rly again casts himself as the great savior of discussions of race, martyring himself for the cause of bringing up class.

And this argument is possibly so very illogical I need to money-quote it just for posterity.
As for racial differences - well, it's hard to tell the colour of somone's skin under the tan/grime of living rough.
As for racial differences - well, it's hard to tell the colour of somone's skin under the tan/grime of living rough.

So, on LJ this post went under the SFRA Paper filter. However, because I am having a moment of supreme vanity and really like this post that much, I'm going to post it to DW unfiltered, though cut so as not traumatize f-lists (or people who don't particularly like theorizing). As I said there, there will be two posts based on thoughts which resulted from reading my reading Samuel "Chip" Delany's essay "Politics of Paraliterary Criticism" for my SFRA paper: one dealing with Engineering the Future and the current politics of Science Fiction and its production (i.e. Libertarianism), and another looking at the comics industry, its ongoing struggle with fitting and creating for itself a definition, and how all of this ties into the dislike, in some fannish corners, of the existing editorial teams.

The Great Gilded Space Age. )


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