I won't guarantee you'll agree with him, but animated Stephen Fry debating Catholicism is a delightful thing.

Video under cut. )
So, Google+ - who's on, who wants to be on, who wants to connect to a person who posts next to nothing?

In other news, I finally finished my essay on the impact of trans vlogs in portraying trans men on film: Part 1 and Part 2. Also, a new QWB episode with a (now outdated) discussion of callout culture and setting in indie games.

Beyond work, I've mostly been watching my way through Master Keaton, the anime adaption of one of Naoki Urasawa's earlier manga. The show really only works because of Keaton's non-detective charm, but even so, I feel like it's the lost gem of Urasawa's work for English speakers (the manga was never officially translated).

And for my own amusement - Podcasts I Subscribe To/Like: 50 shows under the cut, from politics to pop culture. )
I don't know how I missed her, but holy shit Esperanza Spalding is fantastic, even if she did de-throne His Bieberness at the Grammys.

Also, the new Adele album is up on First Listen. Totally worth it.
If you haven't yet read it, check out Greg Pak's Vision Machine mini. It's not jaw-dropping good, but it's an well-developed exercise in a futuristic rendering of what the future of media consumption might be like, without tools like OpenSource or Creative Commons. I think the end is 100% SF cop-out, but the rest is worth a look. Recommended followup reading is Cory Doctrow's Content.

And if you must remind yourself of our current internet, there is Dot Dot Dot.

You Know It. It follows you throughout Youtube. It violently assaults your understanding of English grammar, slaughters spelling. It appears to have been typed through the repeated bashing of one's head upon an innocent keyboard.

It is That Comment, now read aloud with epic typography.
Reviews of DC Direct movies 'Batman: Under the Red Hood,' 'Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam,' and other recent shorts )

Because I can:
- Things making me annoyed this week, as I learn from a cis guy that 2010 is apparently the "Year of the Transsexual."
- Why I Don't Care That You're Not An Asshole, on the most important takeaway of the Haley Barbour mess.
Official Awesome Sentence I Wrote of the week: "There is absolutely no reason for anyone to need to know that there's a synthetic penis in my pants--and I assure you, fabulous as it is, it's not about to bring down a 747."
Naochika Morishita's new artbook, Hagane Bito, is out, and it is glorious. Nothing but beautiful, high-detail mecha and toku art.

HQ Gundam images can be found here and here, with most of the toku images (most easily recognizable from the CardAss series) from scaned pages on Flickr.

Yes, I might be having a nerdgasm.

(Also, I have a date! For my letter! Finally!)
So, I'm buried under work at the moment and very distinctly regretting making my SOC class project examining transmen's video diaries, in part because I want to be more AMS 'fuzzy feelings' than the social sciences like, but mostly out of the sheer amount of soul-crushing uniformity of narrative that's used--*even when* the person identifies as genderqueer before starting medical transition. And I have to watch *hours* of narrative.

I think it'll still become my thesis topic because it's largely unplowed ground, and we need trans scholars documenting trans experience, but DEAR GOD. It's visibility (after all, it shaped how Degrassi writes Adam), sure. But it's a terribly false sense of visibility.

But I did manage to get a post out about my childhood treasury of queerkid books, which was nice.

Sadly, I'm still looking for a copy of Am I Blue?.
arionhunter: (Rachel Maddow - Look Forward)
( Aug. 25th, 2010 02:57 pm)
[personal profile] brownbetty has a wonderful post on the construction of one's self-image as a young woman in society.

I'm mostly just posting to point people at it, because it's worth the read.
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( Aug. 6th, 2010 02:55 pm)
- Apparently there's going to be a an Indian call center comedy in the fall lineup. I...wow. I can see that Fail Train a-chuggin' right into the station from miles away.
- Wonderful essay on how we collect media, hoard it, and then have to let it go.
- On Lady Cops and the Necessity of Sexiness. I have to hand it to Erin Gibson, she's getting better at this gig with each new "Modern Lady."
- There are gays in the Tea Party! A whole two of them!
- And because this is what happens when I can't move my energy into doing school-related stuff, a huge post on why Boys Don't Cry is extremely problematic.
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( Jun. 21st, 2010 02:56 pm)
So, I'm alive. Kinda. I'm in slow-boil mode, trying not to (and of course failing) freak out about moving and grad school. The apartment is getting packed up around me, but it's just...hard.

I had hoped to get caught up on W and finish Shinkenger, but I've pretty much put off toku for...no apparent reason. Instead, I've mostly been reading a lot of essay collections (Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, Me of Little Faith, A Small Place), memoir (The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy, What Would Barbra Do?), and journalistic nonfiction (Pitch Perfect, Rapture Ready, Shaken and Stirred), hanging out with folks before I move, and playing way too many Bioware Games. Huge timesinks that they are, I've marathoned Mass Effect 1/2 and am still fiddling around with my third Dragon Age character. I'm probably going to have Assassin's Creed II finished before I move, if only because it feeds my perfectionist leanings.

Political Nerdery )

Links I like:
- In Which I Crash a Tea Party
- The Ultimate Box Set, sadly illegal to sell in Alabama
- Teaching science in facepaint for awesome
- For the Uninformed: Why I will Never Buy an Apple Product
- "Everybody Loves a Lesbian" is good enough that I actually want to see at least an episode of BBC3's "Mongrels"
- King Cockfight - Covering Alabama politics at its finest
- I have a secret, not-often-indulged love of indie animation, that quirky, creative cousin of the corporate work most people are familiar with. So I must say, Johnathan Nix's The Missing Key has me terribly excited. The retro-Old World Venetian look never fails to induce wonder while still managing to be engrossing, and the art style similarities to Les Triplettes de Belleville don't hurt. Twitchfilm has both trailers.

- A fun little bit of list film history, Ladislaw Starewicz's Cameraman's Revenge. It's a window into early stop motion animation, done with what are presumably preserved insects who have preserved insect sex.


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