So, Google+ - who's on, who wants to be on, who wants to connect to a person who posts next to nothing?

In other news, I finally finished my essay on the impact of trans vlogs in portraying trans men on film: Part 1 and Part 2. Also, a new QWB episode with a (now outdated) discussion of callout culture and setting in indie games.

Beyond work, I've mostly been watching my way through Master Keaton, the anime adaption of one of Naoki Urasawa's earlier manga. The show really only works because of Keaton's non-detective charm, but even so, I feel like it's the lost gem of Urasawa's work for English speakers (the manga was never officially translated).

And for my own amusement - Podcasts I Subscribe To/Like: (To be fair, some of these are currently on probation and/or aren't frequent listeners. Reviews available upon request.)
  • Abe Lincoln's Top Hat

  • APM: Marketplace

  • APM: Marketplace Money

  • APM: The Dinner Party Download

  • APM: The Splendid Table

  • Bitch Radio

  • Double X Podcasts

  • Doug Loves Movies

  • Everyday Drinkers » Podcast Feed

  • Extra Hot Great

  • Filmspotting

  • Firewall & Iceberg Podcast

  • GeekSpeak, KUSP Podcast

  • How Did This Get Made?


  • Interfaith Voices Podcast (hour-long version)

  • Japanator

  • Japanator Radio

  • Jordan, Jesse GO!

  • Judge John Hodgman

  • KERA's Think Podcast

  • Manners for the Digital Age

  • Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Reviews

  • Nerd of Mouth

  • NPR: Fresh Air Podcast

  • NPR: Planet Money Podcast

  • NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour

  • NPR: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Podcast

  • NPR's On the Media

  • PC Gamer » Podcasts: PC Gamer – The Global Authority on PC Games

  • Philosophy Bites

  • Queers With Beers

  • Real Time with Bill Maher

  • Reasonable Discussions

  • Sex & Other Human Activities

  • Slate's Culture Gabfest

  • Slate's Political Gabfest

  • Start the Week with Andrew Marr

  • Stephen Fry's PODGRAMS (Audio & Visual)

  • Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan

  • The Experience Points Podcast

  • The Film Pigs Podcast

  • The Nerdist

  • The Sporkful

  • This American Life

  • Too Much Information with Benjamen Walker | WFMU

  • War Rocket Ajax - The Greatest Comic Book and Pop Culture Podcast In the World!

  • WireTap from CBC Radio

  • WNYC's Radiolab

  • WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

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I'll PM you with mine. We can post next to nothing together.


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